Saturday, December 11, 2021

Confronting RACE

Invited Guests: Please Read, View, and Comment 
by December 15, 2021

Thank you!


This semester, students in COMM 385 conducted an exploration of race and systemic racism in the United States. Part of their work focused on an investigation of the current debate over "Critical Race Theory."

This exploration eventually led to an examination of students' personal stories, through the lens of Conflict Transformation. Through research, storytelling, dialogue, and performance, students reflected on personal, relational, structural, and cultural dimensions of their experiences with race.

Students' final project involved the development of several theatre pieces based on their own experiences. 

These scenes are intended to provoke reflection and conversation. We invite you to watch, read, and join the conversation. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

What moments in these scenes were most engaging and thought-provoking for you? 

What feelings did they bring up for you? Why? 

How did certain scenes, characters, or interactive moments resonate with your own experience? 

What questions did these scenes raise for you? 

Please let us know what you're thinking, and feel free to respond to others' comments, in a spirit of respectful dialogue. The goal of this conversation is not "agreement" or "political correctness." The goals are engagement, connection, mutual learning, and community building. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions, the performers are masked. Lines may not always be clearly audible. We recommend that you watch the videos, and read the scripts. Performances may differ from scripts in some respects. This is not a problem. It's all "grist for the mill" and fuel for conversation!




Friday, February 16, 2018

Conflict Students Are Serving More People Than Ever Before

This year, the Certificate Program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution has expanded its outreach, adding four new clients to its spring schedule.

29 Students in COMM 485 (Practicum in Conflict Analysis and Resolution) and COMM 385 (Conflict Mediation) will be facilitating conflict resolution events and trainings to several groups over the next several months, serving an estimated 200 people in their surrounding communities:

1.  The University of Wisconsin System Conference on Teaching and Learning

2.  The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Residence Staff

3.  HALO (The Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization), a homeless shelter in Racine, WI

4.  FOCUS on Community, a substance abuse prevention program in Racine, WI

5.  Waukegan to College, a student support group and leadership program for college-bound
        students in Waukegan, IL

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Diversity and Inclusion

We bring a diverse range of community members together to discuss the problems that affect us all.  Click on the link below for a glimpse of the gathering hosted by our Conflict Mediation students in December 2017:

Theatre of Empowerment: Diversity and Dialogue!