Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At HALO (Racine): March 8, 2011

Women and men residing at the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO) in Racine, WI, recently used "the theatre of empowerment" to perform their personal stories of struggle and triumph. This joyful and moving event was a culmination of a five-week training for HALO residents in Conflict Resolution--led by students from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The students, who are enrolled in UW-Parkside's Certificate Program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, used dialogue, storytelling and performance as tools for development in three areas: (1) personal empowerment, (2) relational responsibility, and (3) community awareness. Residents described the experience as "fun," and as an opportunity to overcome shyness and to "express myself." One wrote that he gained "greater perspective of myself in social interactive situations," as well as "new insights" and "greater hope."

The students will run a second five-week training at HALO beginning March 29.

Stephanie Kober, HALO's Director of Family Programs, says of the program:

The impact the Conflict Resolution Program has on the homeless participants is amazing. Even case managers cannot get the people to open up as well as this group. The outcomes are amazing... I can take credit for many things in the lives of my clients, but when it comes to the conflict resolution skills, I owe the program.

Comm 485: Practicum in Conflict Resolution
Instructor: Professor Jonathan Shailor

Students: Katie Clemins, Carrie Dennett, Ashley Downey, Delicia Evans,
Erica Flores, Amanda Gibson, Darryl Griffin, Marquis Hazelwood,
Curtis Hines, Julie Middendorf, Lakeeda Murphy, Loreal Patterson, Deborah Roberts, Greg Teuton, Jordan Woiteshek, and John Worrell.